The Vini.Jr Institute is the realization of a dream for Vini Jr, the Real Madrid forward, and for his family, friends, and everyone involved in managing his career. When the athlete signed his first professional contract, his family started helping people and supporting institutions in Vini’s home town of São Gonçalo, in the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan region. But the greater goal was always to build a long term, consistent, solid legacy that would be truly transformative. The Vini.Jr Institute is built on three pillars:

Digital Culture

We believe that students are leading the digital culture, and that they need to use every new information and communication technology in a conscientious, responsible, and critical manner. More than using equipment, playing games, and browsing social networks, students need to perceive technology as a strategic ally in their personal development.


We propose an educational practice that uplifts each child’s experiences and knowledge while respecting their individuality, thus helping build their self-reliance. We believe that technology is an important tool in developing students’ independence, as it allows for creating experiences that will stimulate decision-making and their ability to make choices, leading them to forge their own paths.


In an educational context, we define sports not only as an activity, but as a universal and timeless language that can both attract and lead students through learning journeys. The subject of sports provides a range of connections to students’ empirical knowledge and, when leveraged through gamification, can greatly facilitate and encourage learning.



Our chosen banner is education. Our goal is to transform the lives of so many Brazilians who can’t find opportunities because they lack basic education. We decided to address the root cause of the problem, as we believe that only quality education will produce new generations that are more prepared and have greater opportunities.

Social institutions traditionally have physical installations that include a soccer school for kids, and offer after-school education. We decided to shift the approach to digital, using technology, in an innovating model that is much more current and closer to the new generations. In the digital universe our reach is unlimited, and we have the long-term potential to impact children and adolescents throughout the country.


In five years we want to be recognized as one of the main contributors to reducing inequality in the Brazilian educational system.


The Vini.Jr Institute recognizes the technical and financial limitations of public schools to innovate, as well as the difficulties many low-income families face in tutoring their school-age children, for lack of either time or training, and will therefore work to close those gaps, directly helping improve basic education in Brazil. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital process in private schools, but the public education system has lagged behind, further increasing the public-private gap and the social differences in the levels of society that we seek to benefit.

BASE is a tool for teachers. The app was designed to help in the everyday classroom work, providing a different approach to learning, with the goal of teaching the same content as before, but through games. In the first phase of the app, the game was divided into three seasons, as in sports tournaments. Each season has four levels of competition: Regional, National, Continental, and Global. The game offers rewards in the form of coins, points, and trophies, in order to drive and sustain the children’s interest.

Content for BASE was developed by the Vini.Jr Institute team, in a joint effort with the teachers of Municipal School Paulo Reglus Neves Freire. BASE educational technology will initially focus on elementary school students (1st to 5th grades), benefitting children 6-10 years old, using sports to draw them in and technology to facilitate learning. All contents follow the guidelines of the National Common Curriculum Base (BNCC). 

Vini JRJogador do Real Madrid

Who we are

Presidente – Vinícius José Paixão
Conselheiro Fiscal – Thássilo Soares
Diretor Executivo – Victor Rodrigues Ladeira
Diretor de Desenvolvimento Institucional – Camilo Coelho

Gerência Executiva – Victor Oliveira

Educação e Produtos Pedagógicos – Ana Carvalhal
Relacionamento com Comunidade Escolar – Michelle Arruda
Conteúdo Pedagógico – Luciana Rezendes

Tecnologia – Ronier Perdizio

Desenvolvimento Institucional – Verônica Souza
Ilustração e Design – Guilherme Nascimento
Design – Bernardo Christaldo
Assistente de Comunicação – Arthur Torrão

Conteúdo – Edu Torres
Audiovisual – Bruno Nascimento
Audiovisual – Ramon Correia

Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento – Ana Flávia Assumpção

Administrativo – Maria Silva


The Institute’s social networks aim to inform, entertain, teach and create a great network for students, teachers and education managers. Follow our evolution.

Support the Institute

The Vini.Jr Institute and the BASE app were 100% privately funded by Vini Jr, following a long-tem plan. The Institute will always welcome supporters and partners that share our goals. Let’s talk! You can reach us at

Together for a transformation in Public Education in Brazil. The base comes even stronger!